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Age appropriate testing is available what ever the developmental age of a child.

Hearing issues may range from medical problems, which with appropriate medical attention can be rectified to permanent hearing loss, balance problems and a dislike of loud sounds. Children may also have difficulty understanding or remembering instructions - central auditory problems. Behaviour and learning difficulties associated with this disorder are often misdiagnosed as an attention deficit disorder.

Permanent damage to hearing because of exposure to loud sounds can be a problem for any age, especially with inappropriate use of Ipods, mp3 and music devices.


Adults of any age can experience hearing and balance problems for a variety of reasons. Noise exposure is an extremely common hazard in the community - both is the workplace and at home.

A wide range of medical conditions can cause hearing, tinnitus, hyperacusis and balance problems. Medical intervention or hearing rehabilitation can often re-mediate the debilitating effects of these issues. Comprehensive testing available at the centre can determine the most appropriate form of treatment.

Comprehensive assessments for medico-legal and worker's compensation claims are routinely conducted with appropriate reports for the legal profession / insurers provided.


Over 30% of people over the age of 65 have a hearing loss that affects their ability to communicate. Aging affects our hearing acuity, ability to hear in noisy environments and often  more thinking  time is required to decipher the auditory information. Hearing loss generally occurs over a long period of time and it is family and friends who will notice a person's hearing problem long before the person concerned will admit to having a hearing problem.

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