Hearing Clinic

The centre services encompasses all aspects of balance and hearing. Clients range from babies, children, general workforce and the elderly... in fact all ages.

The Tasmanian Centre for Hearing is one of the longest serving totally independent Private Practice Audiology Clinics in Australia - established in 1985 by the principle Audiologist.

Independent Clinic

The centre is a totally independent clinic. We are not owned or aligned with any hearing aid manufacturer. We constantly review and source a range of hearing aid technology that we believe currently provides our clients with the value, technology and outcome. Our advice is independent and on principle we do not take incentives and / or commissions to recommend technology from hearing aid manufacturers.


The centre is staffed by Audiologists, Audiometrists, Industrial Screeners and our wonderful reception and support staff.

Funding of Audiological Services

The Tasmanian Centre for Hearing is a recognised private Audiology practice.  Eligible clients are able to obtain funding assistance for our services in the following circumstances:

  • Eligible for the Office of Hearing Services program. Must be a pensioner, part pensioner or recognised veteran
  • Medicare - Enhanced Primary Care program.  See your G.P. for whether you are eligible for this program
  • Medicare - referral from an Ear, Nose & Throat Specialist and / or Neurologist
  • Private health funds - contact your fund directly for eligibility for refund with regards to hearing services and aids
  • Tax return medical rebate- speak to your accountant/ tax professional on how this rebate may be applicable
Personal Service


The Clinic is closed over the Easter week due to renovations. The clinic will re-open on MONDAY 29t..

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