Hearing Aids

Hearing aid technology is rapidly advancing and are now discreet, comfortable and capable of managing many different acoustic environments.

There are many different brands, sizes and technology capabilities and different sound management systems.

In general terms the cost of the technology reflects how well the aid manages different background noise environments and other features such as telephone use or wireless connectivity.

At the Tasmanian Centre for Hearing we are an independent clinic and are able to access a wide range of hearing aid technology to meet your individual hearing needs.

The level of hearing aid technology is only HALF the story in the successful use of hearing aids. Buying the most expensive hearing aids available will not guarantee success if you are not given support to adapt and manage your new hearing aids. They other HALF to a successful out come is your own personal hearing rehabilitation and auditory retraining program. 

The Tasmanian Centre for Hearing specializes in the latest auditory retraining programs to optimize the best possible outcome for your hearing problems. 

Call the clinic now for an appointment and find out more about hearing solutions.

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