Free Hearing Aid Trial Experience

There are lots of different types and levels of hearing aid technology. 

How can someone know what technology will best suit their hearing needs?

At the Tasmanian Centre for Hearing we believe direct experience of how hearing aids sound and perform enable clients to make their own informed decisions.

Rather than complex lectures on the benefit of this technology features, direct listening experience in real, every day, difficult listening  environments allows you to decide for yourself what level of hearing technology is best for your personal listening situation.  Upon return from your listening experience, we are more than happy to have detailed technical discussions on different features if a client is would like to know more.

All clients at the Tasmanian Centre for Hearing are required to listen to different technology levels and different brands of hearing aids to ensure that the client can make their own decisions.  We will not tell you which hearing aid will suit you best.  The decision to proceed with a hearing aid fitting is yours.


The best trial experiences are on busy days, where you can test out the hearing devices in environments where you would have hearing difficulties.

A trial experience consists of an initial 15 minute consult, where a trial device/s is fitted at the beginning of the day.

You are then sent out for the day to listen.

Returning at the end of the day, whilst the day's events are fresh in your mind, enables you to make give your impressions of the day and make comments on the pros and cons of the day's listening experience.

This process enables you to listen to different hearing aids but without the inconvenience of having to learn how to manage different hearing aids.

Different trial days are repeated so that you are able to directly compare and experience how different brands and technologies sound.


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