Proper Care for your Hearing Aid

Quick Solutions

To solve hearing aid problems

  • Replace Batteries
  • Clean your hearing aids
  • Remove and reinsert your hearing aid
  • Move away from noisy areas that cause you discomfort
  • Make sure sound channel is clear
  • Contact Hearing Care Professionals

Is your hearing aid causing discomfort?

We recommend that you have your hearing aid checked and serviced regularly. If problems persist, see your Audiologist to review your hearing needs.

Advance Hearing Laboratories

Advance Hearing Laboratories is a local laboratory that provides on-site repair and servicing of hearing aids. If you book ahead your hearing aid can generally be serviced within an hour.

On rare occasions we may need to send hearing aids to other manufacturers for specialist services.

Hearing Aids on Loan

We offer our clients a “loaner aid” for you to use during the repair period.

Regular Service

Regular service and maintenance will prolong the life and performance of your hearing aids. We offer a range of cost-effective service and maintenance packages to suit your budget.

Personal Service


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