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Myths & Facts about hearing aids

Myth : Most people think once a hearing aid is fitted they will instantly have perfect hearing.

Fact : Most people lose their hearing slowly and it generally takes 12 months to slowly adjust your hearing and cognitive levels , to restore maximum benefit for you. It is not an instant fix

Myth : The same hearing aid will give the same outcome

Fact : Even the same hearing aid on the same person with what appears to be the same hearing loss in each ear can give very different outcomes. Hearing aids need to be individually adjusted.

Myth : A hearing aid will not require you to actively listen.

Fact : Even the most sophisticated hearing aid will not enable you to hear without paying attention. Good listening skills requires active attention by the listener and requires effort.

Myth : All hearing problems are the same

Fact : There are lots of different types of hearing problems and different physical issues such as the size of your ear canal that will affect an outcome....everyone is an individual

Myth : Hearing aids are unpleasant to wear

Fact : A successful hearing aid user finds the sound to be natural and pleasant but hear better without there being any unnatural amplification. It should not be like turning up the television.

Myth : I only need to use a hearing aid when going out

Fact : It is essential to use a hearing aid regularly if the brain and auditory nerves are going to optimally function. Wearing a hearing aid for one hour a day will never optimise your hearing.

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