Tasmanian Hearing Centre

The Tasmanian Hearing Centre provides a full range of hearing care services for all ages, from babies through to the elderly, across the following areas:

Tasmanian Balance and Dizziness Centre

If you are feeling dizzy or unbalanced an objective assessment of your balance system may help

Sound Advice Tasmania

Helping Tasmanian businesses manage noise levels in their workplace and meet OH&S obligations for industrial deafness and noise

Advance Hearing Laboratories

Local repair and service of hearing aids and manufacture of ear moulds and earplugs for noise and water exclusion.

Hearing Aids

Learning to use, manage and take care of hearing aids requires time, effort and support from family, friends and the team at the Tasmanian Centre for Hearing.

Free Hearing Aid Trial Experience

There are lots of different types and levels of hearing aid technology. 

How can someone know what technology will best suit their hearing needs?

At the Tasmanian Centre for Hearing we believe direct experience of how hearing aids sound and perform enable clients to make their own informed decisions.


Having problems hearing in noisy places?

Links found between hearing loss, memory and dementia

A recent conference in Sydney by leading experts reported a link between hearing loss, memory and th..

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